Flank Corned Beef Cupim Shank Brisket Bacon Pork

Sam: Ground round ham hock ribeye t-bone capicola.

George: Short ribs sausage boudin biltong salami. Bacon t-bone pig, alcatra tongue chicken.

Sam: Beef venison ball tip, picanha sausage pig bacon frankfurter strip steak tail jowl.

George: Tri-tip beef ribs corned beef, rump burgdoggen swine alcatra. Porchetta kielbasa brisket filet mignon burgdoggen kevin pork chop ground round.



Smooth Power Services is an Engineering company was established in 2019 as a specialized in the design, development, manufacture, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of DB, SDB, MDB, LT, PFI, HT, ATS, LTS Panels, Generator canopy (Body & Floor Mounted), Room canopy with customized Electro-Mechanical Engineering equipment’s.